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  • At Info Lab we recognize that every business is unique. Each enterprise has its specialized means of reaching out to its customers, partners, stakeholders and staff. This calls for customized solution that map out the tenets technology, strategy and process. We do not simply supply IT Resources to enterprises, that is low value add, rather we help business and enterprise to use technology to improve their business results.

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  • Information management solutions deliver trusted information throughout your information suppply chain and help you analyze your information to gain insights, identity breakdowns, and make better decisions that will optimize your business.

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  • Today's business environment demands that peoople are able to communicate and share information effectively in any situation. That means eliminating the typical constraints of location and technology so employees can remain productive in or out of the office.

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  • Infolab suite of software products is modular to allow customers and partners the flexibility to purchase quick development of functionalities they need today while allowing them to upgrade and add new modules for new services in the future. We have several suites of products for our partners or customers who do their own development to value add for fast and efficient deployment of tried and tested so.

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  • At Info Lab, we recognise that your IT Team may be involved in more strategic tasks, planning, managing or deployments instead of maintaining and managing the portal for example and wish to work with a reputable provider for personalised servic to drive operational excellence and lower the risk of downtime or simply to find a provider who can offer the complete suite of services like copywriting, creative design to commplete managed services.

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Why Info Lab?

Info Lab provides enterprise class innovative solutions that cater to the enterprise.

We partner with world class technology leaders to provide truly complete solutions for our customers.

Info lab understands the needs of the enterprise and so our goal is to be a single-stop provider, for solutions that entail a strong consulting framework, coupled with the best breed of technologies, business and application support, and facilities management.

Infolab is an ISO9001:2008 Certified Company. This provides a tried and tested framework for a systematic approach to solutioning and managing the organizations processes so that products are of quality that satisfy customers' expectations.

What we do?

Info lab provides enterprise class innovative solutions that cater to the enterprise. Our main focus is on two main areas: 
  • Portal & Collaboration,
  • Information Management.
In addition, we also do customised solution from ground up if required.

We partner world class technology leaders to provide truly complete solutions for our customers.

Info lab understands the needs of the enterprise and our goal is to be a single stop provider.

Case Studies

Portal and Collaboration – Knowledge Management

Client: A Leading Research Agency


The agency required a knowledge hub to provide users with updated news from the agency, access to the agency’s various applications, provide a user-centric, one-stop information portal, and create a platform for cross-division communication and collaboration within the agency, cultivating greater staff interaction, sharing, and promoting common culture.

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Information Management – Workflow Management

Client: A financial authority


The client was looking to revamp their business application to allow their business to users to submit their applications for approval and thereafter, allow the interactivity and collaboration within the organization, to process the application accordingly to the business rules processes. 

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Customised Solution – Events Management

Client: A large organization


An integrated member management system to extend more services to the organization’s members and manage members’ and non-members’ profiles. This system was envisioned to enable organization’s leaders to manage, collaborate, and connect to their groups.

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Customised Solution – Dynamic Resource Planning

Client: A Research Institute


The institute wanted a web-based planning system to provide comprehensive and flexible resource planning to manage and allocate resources, equipment, and people.

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Consultancy and Business Intelligence

Client: A leading shipping company


Rationalize their business units, accountability, and ownership, and introduce key performance indicators to track progress and generate reports.

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