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Customised Solutions and Consultancy

At Info Lab we recognize that every business is unique. Each enterprise has its specialized means of reaching out to its customers, partners, stakeholders and staff. This calls for customised solutions that map out the tenets technology, strategy and process.

We do not simply supply IT resources to enterprises, that is low value add, rather we help business and enterprise to use technology to improve their business results.

Our Approach

Building you the optimal solution requires us to first understand your company’s goals for both the short and the long term, and your business processes. We accomplish this by doing assessments and upfront thinking on the technological choices available so we can recommend a solution that can deliver the desired results, create real value, and gain competitive advantage.

Businesses need to do more for less while improving their customer relations and services, organizational intelligence, and managing the production of goods and services through improved processes.

We are successful because we understand businesses and how they operate.

We are successful because we have the ability to see the big picture and are committed to quality delivery.

Some Examples

Here are some examples of customised solutions we have developed from scratch:

  1. Marine payroll

    Catering to the unique requirement of mariners and shipping industry

  2. Provident Fund System

    Monthly contributions from unionized companies to their unions and trustees of the collected funds, allowing all the necessary transactions like deposit/withdrawal requests, and enquiries on the balance of each member’s account.

  3. Incidents Management

    To manage incident reporting, assignment, assessment tracking, closure, and reporting.

  4. Volunteer Management System

    To manage large scale volunteers for events, especially sporting events, matching profiles of volunteers for different tasks. Assignment and subsequent follow-up and reporting; incorporating Web 2.0 technologi8es which allows volunteers to interact with each other, share, and discuss their experiences.

  5. Facilities Management System

    To manage training facilities, instructors, and courses, incorporating online learning and real-time interaction between trainer and trainees.